Life after death


Cronus was just about to seek out Travis when the boy ran up to him, embracing him in a tight hug. He hugged back hard, grinning and nuzzling into the others neck with a wide smile, his hands resting nicely on the others lower back. He felt oddly at ease, a huge smile on his face.


"Yeah, it really does. I like this a lot better, babe." he said before pulling back from the hug just slightly, looking up at the slightly taller male. "Now, do me a favor, and shut up and kiss me." He murmured before leaning up and pressing his lips to the others feverishly.


Travis shrugged, the corners of his lips twitching up in a smirk. “I dunno. It’ll be a nice change at least.” He paused, placing a kiss on Cronus’s cheek before the other pulled away. “Hopefully that fucker isn’t planning anything.” He was referring to Monobear, of course. Everything that shitty bear had done up to this point had ended horribly, even the camping trip that was supposed to be a ‘gift’ to the students.

But hey. If someone was gonna be killed this time, at least they’d be killed with love.

Speaking of which, he was more than happy to put his mouth to better use, leaning into Cronus’s lips and pulling him just a little closer. He nipped at the other’s bottom lip before pulling away and glancing over his shoulder.

"Hey. Shouldn’t we go… somewhere else?"

Life after death


He wakes up, his head pounding. Looking around, he realizes that he is in the infirmary and decides to stand, leaving the room and going into the hallways, a feeling invading him to replace the pain. He suddenly was filled with happiness, and needed to find one of his friends.


Okay, this was weird. Travis wasn’t an affectionate person to begin with, but this just felt… wrong. What ‘this’ was, exactly, he didn’t know. It was a warmth that swelled in his chest and permeated through his entire body, reaching the tips of his fingers and giving him the urge to… hug someone.

He had to find Cronus. And fast.

The halls filled with the noise of his thumping footsteps as he sprinted, leaving the dorms and climbing up the stairs, reaching the third floor and hoping like hell he’d find Cronus there. When he actually did, though, he wasn’t sure how to proceed. This urge to hug was like an itch he couldn’t reach, so…

He slid his arms around the other silently and hugged the fuck out of him. It felt… stronger than normal. Like this was the Hug Among Hugs. The Big Hug. The Hug that could Pierce the Heavens. Travis decided he liked it, and held Cronus even as he spoke up about the school’s sudden transformation into a teen-aimed romcom.

"So, uh… this sure beats everyone trying to kill each other, right?"



After spending the last week celebrating that his dorm was now 100% Alois free, he finally decided that holing up in there wasn’t healthy. Not that most things he did were, but his pokemon needed to stretch their legs. All except Francoise, who in the spirit of keeping him company, had spent all her time out of her pokeball. 

Making his way to the pool, he opened up the entrance door and allowed himself in, tugging the spheres from his pockets. Halting, he spotted a stranger. In retrospect, he should have guessed someone would be here. Swimming was a fairly fun sport, though maybe his perception was biased, but the relaxing atmosphere of indoor pools only served to attract the riff raff of the school, it seemed. 


Eyeing the disgusting boy nearby, he forced a smile. “Oh, I didn’t know someone was in here. You don’t mind, do you?” 

To be honest, the most contact Travis willingly had with water was when he showered. Swimming wasn’t something he regularly enjoyed (you kind of learn to hate it after being dropped into the open ocean), and even in the case of showering, it was usually a quick, in-and-out deal.

But hell, he’d do anything to pass the time in this place. And a dip didn’t sound like such a bad idea. So he threw on a pair of trunks and dove head first into the water, letting his body adjust to the temperature as he swam around, savoring the quiet atmosphere until someone else walked in.

He ran a hand through his wet hair, getting a good look at the other pool guest. By the looks of it, this guy was about one musical number away from being the poodle in Oliver & Company.

“Oh, I didn’t know someone was in here. You don’t mind, do you?” 

Travis shrugged. The pool was open to the entire school, and while having the whole pool to himself was nice, he couldn’t just tell him to fuck off. "Hell, I don’t care." Perhaps not as eloquent as the other, but he got his point across. He leaned back, floating along and letting the water fill his ears and muffle the world around him.

I thought I lost you || Travis and Cronus (Closed)


Cronus’ face flamed as the other leaned forward, his heart racing the moment that the others lips met his own. He let his eyes close, savoring the feeling of Travis kissing him, a bright blush covering his cheeks and coloring his skin a light pink all the way up to his ears as he was kissed.


When Travis broke the soft kiss, moving to bury his face in Cronus’ shoulder, he moved to wrap his arms around the other in a soft embrace, thinking for a moment before finally deciding to go for it. He was sure it would go well, finally laying his heart on the line for the other.

"Travis, do you wanna…be my boyfriend?" he asked quietly, nuzzling the others neck lightly as he awaited a response, his face flaming and his heart racing out of nervousness.

Jesus, what kind of question was that? Lifting himself from Cronus’s shoulder, Travis ruffled his hair and smirked. "Took you fuckin’ long enough." 'Yes,' was what he meant. A certain kind of adrenaline washed over him, enveloping him from head to toe in all those warm sappy feelings you see in shitty romcoms.

While he’d really like to stick around and savor the feeling, Travis still felt like absolute shit. "Hey, new found love is great and all, but I need a shower. And a nap. Or two. Or three. I don’t remember what happened between the camping trip and now, but judging by how I feel, it wasn’t pleasant." He didn’t just want to hole himself up in his room, though. That’d be kinda rude of him, considering what just went down. “And I dunno, standing around in the middle of the dorms being lovey-dovey is kinda… awkward.”

I thought I lost you || Travis and Cronus (Closed)


Cronus chuckled a little bit as the other spoke, nodding and holding on to him tighter. “Yeah, me too, I get you…” he murmured, nuzzling into the others neck a little bit as he broke into an even wider smile. The feeling of the other boy against him brought a wave of pure relaxation over him.

He took a deep breath as they stood there, his body telling him to go somewhere, lay down, shower, rest, anything. But he needed to be with Travis right now, and he didn’t think he’d be able to bring himself to leave the others side.

When Travis pulled away, he gave him a curious look, nodding a little bit in reply. “Yeah, sure.” he murmured, a darker blush covering his face as he waited for whatever it was that the other was planning.


Alright, deep breaths here. He was going to channel all of his remaining strength into this, even if he felt like he was going to collapse on the spot. He leaned forward gingerly, tilting his head to the side slightly and inhaling through his nose. His heart threatened to leap out of his chest. His palms were sweating. His nose bumped against Cronus’s awkwardly, but when their lips finally, finally fucking met, Travis forgot it all.

It was soft, hesitant, like he was afraid putting too much pressure into it would cause the two of them to shatter into pieces. He sighed, and when it seemed like had been ages, he pulled away. Unsure of what to do with himself then, Travis buried his burning face into Cronus’s shoulder.

"I figured I owed you one." His voice was muffled, but his tone was unmistakably sincere. It wasn’t enough that he returned Cronus’s affections. He should probably initiate some of his own. Besides, he liked the guy, and if there’s one thing he learned from using his words to fetch him dates, it was that he shouldn’t use words to fetch him dates. He hoped actions would just be enough this time.

Shit, everyone’s speaking different languages. What does he know…. uh, um. Quick, say something!



i cant believe its been so long since ive last drawn u im sorry bb ill never leave u again

I thought I lost you || Travis and Cronus (Closed)


Cronus jumped a little bit, the worried expression on his face melting into a happy one as the others arm wrapped around him. He turned, wrapping his arms around Travis and pressing his face into the other mans neck. “I missed you. You doin’ alright?” he murmured, pressing a kiss to his cheek before pulling away.

He looked over the other absentmindedly, checking for any marks or injuries and feeling a relief wash over him when he found the other seemingly unscathed. He held him close, pressing another soft kiss to the opposite cheek. He just felt so relieved that  the other was alive, he didn’t care about anything else in that moment.


Travis welcomed the embrace, slipping his arms around Cronus and taking a deep breath. The familiar scent, the warmth, the soft kisses that made his cheeks heat up without fail. Travis was pretty glad to be alive right now, even if he was in pain.

Still, he hardly remembered what had happened, and something told him bringing it up was probably not a wise choice. There was the monster, and the house… but there were so many blanks in between. 

He resolved to just savor the moment of safety, nodding almost automatically at Cronus’s question. Of course he wasn’t doing alright. But he would be doing worse if Cronus wasn’t there.

"I’m fine," he muttered, leaning his forehead on Cronus’s shoulder. "I feel like I just got hit by forty fuckin’ trucks, but just peachy besides that." He sighed, before abruptly pulling away.

"Hey. Don’t move, got it?"

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Apples to Apples {Kyouko & Travis}


Kyouko couldn’t help but cackle at the other’s vulgar outburst. Her focus completely left the pool table as she leaned on the pool stick, trying to catch her breath again. Boy, that was rich. She almost wished it might have hit him square in the eye, to see what kind of reaction came from that. Once again she gnawed at the apple, ripping out a decent chunk of it. 

The smug grin on her lips only grew wider as he came right back at her with the insult. “Oh, would ya cut the head off of an innocent girl like me?” Continually she snickered, wondering who the hell this guy might be, acting like he could actually kill her or anything like that. Idle threat or not, she didn’t care at all.

"A’course I know how ta play the damn game. Yer ugly-ass face is just so distractin’ that I couldn’t help myself." Leaning the stick against the edge of the table, she strolled on over the the door, staring him dead in the face before kneeling to pick up the ball. The stare-down went on until she took another large portion out of the fruit.


Then she sauntered right on back and slammed the cue into place on the green felt. Leaning over to aim, one eye shut, she flicked the pool stick forward, shooting the ball into the settled triangle, leaving them scattered in different directions. Two of them sunk into the adjacent holes on the far end of the table, while another banked and fell into the hole in the middle right. Of course she knew how to play the damn game.

The girl’s snickering only ignited Travis’s annoyance further. He rubbed his temples as that familiar headache crept in and glared at her. She sure was a piece of work. Travis didn’t even know if he wanted to stick around the rec room and deal with her.


"I’ve cut off the heads of a lot worse people than you, princess." He’d abandoned his aversion to fighting women after fighting Holly Summers. A fight was a fight, and a kill was a kill. And a pool ball almost knocking him out was pissing him off. "I’m the fuckin’ top-ranked assassin in the world. I cut peoples’ heads off for a living.” He stared right back at her, his eye twitching when she aggressively bit into her apple.

Watching her walk back to the pool table, he busied himself with what he had initially came here for, the dart board. He took one dart in his hand, flicking it and landing it within the second ring. "And call me ugly if you want, at least I don’t have food stuffed in my goddamn face." He threw another dart, this time hitting just shy of the target’s center. He heard her sink two balls, and faked an impressed whistle.